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AL Qamar

White Oud (عود الابيض)

White Oud (عود الابيض)

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"White Oud: A Captivating Symphony of Spicy Woods"

Top note: Raspberry, Saffron
Body note: Geranium, Shamama, Violet
Base note: Amber, Oud, Patchouli

White Oud is a classic oriental woody fragrance that pays tribute to woody notes with a spicy twist. It starts off with a blend of raspberry and saffron. The body reveals a blend of geranium, shamama, and violet, where spicy geranium harmonizes with exotic shamama and delicate violet adds floral elegance. In the base, amber merges with dark oud, infusing warmth and sensuality, while patchouli adds earthy richness. White Oud embodies the captivating allure of spicy woods, with raspberry, saffron, floral elegance, and woody warmth weaved together beautifully.

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