About Us

At Al Qamar Fragrances, we believe in dedication towards excellence. Our commitment towards the creation of exceptional fragrances can be exemplified by our desire to guarantee a sense of Arabic culture and heritage to all. The richness of Arabic culture is best captured through its tantalizing scents and notes, which offer a feel of luxury and pure opulence. Hence, we at Al Qamar wish to provide that feel of elegance through our enchanting fragrance line. In line with our stride towards guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction, we also place an enormous emphasis on efficiency when it comes to our production. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of Arabic perfumery, our skilled artisans meticulously craft each fragrance to perfection. From the tantalizing notes of exotic spices to the delicate whispers of blooming flowers, our creations capture the essence of luxury in every spritz. We take pride in our commitment to quality and affordability. By sourcing the finest ingredients and employing efficient production methods, we ensure that our fragrances are accessible to fragrance enthusiasts from all walks of life. In essence our commitment towards our principal values of dedication, efficiency, accessibility and luxury is what strides us towards ensuring that our consumers gain the greatest satisfaction from our tantalizing line of fragrances.