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AL Qamar

White Musk (مسك الابيض)

White Musk (مسك الابيض)

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"White Musk: A Serene Symphony of Floral Musk"

Top note: Fruity, green
Body note: Creamy, Jasmine, Lily of Valley
Base note: Amber, Musk, Tonka

White Musk is a fragrance that captures the harmonious blend of floral elegance and musky allure. The composition begins with a fresh and clean combination of fruity and green notes. As it matures, a creamy softness emerges, infused with the essence of jasmine and the sweet touch of lily of the valley. The base notes bring together the warmth of amber, the comforting embrace of musk, and the sweet spicy confusion of tonka. This serene fragrance has uplifting top notes merge with creamy florals and a comforting musky foundation, offering an experience of tranquility.


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