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AL Qamar

Musk Tahara (مسك الطهاره)

Musk Tahara (مسك الطهاره)

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"Musk Tahara: A Floral Melody Wrapped in Musk"

Top note: Fruity, Rose
Body note: Floral, Rose
Base note: Amber, Musk

Musk Tahara takes you on a sensory voyage, entwining fruity accents and blooming roses in a captivating musky cocoon. The fragrance starts off with a burst of fruity notes for freshness. As the scent evolves, roses step into the spotlight, exuding elegance and romance. The base combine amber's warmth with musk's embrace for depth. Together, they craft a harmonious foundation that lingers on the skin, craeting an alluring trail. Experience the timeless elegance and sensuality of Musk Tahara—a fragrance that etches an indelible mark.


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