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AL Qamar

Moroccan Oud (عود مغربي)

Moroccan Oud (عود مغربي)

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"Moroccan Oud: A Floral Symphony with Woody Embrace"

Top note: Floral, Rose
Body note: Woody
Base note: Musk, Oud

A fragrance celebrating finesse of Arabic Perfumery. It is a combination of floral beauty with warm, woody richness. Amidst its heart resides a delicate fusion of captivating floral notes, with spotlight on Rose. Evolving further, a woody layer adds depth and sophistication, creating a balanced harmony with the florals. In the base, musk entwines with luxurious oud, forming a captivating blend that lingers. This fragrance transports you to Morocco, where floral symphonies and woody essences unite, weaving an elegant and timeless aura that leaves a lasting, alluring impression.

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