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AL Qamar

Golden Musk (مسك ذهبي)

Golden Musk (مسك ذهبي)

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"Golden Musk: A Floral Elixir of Timeless Elegance"

Top note: Aldehydic, Rose
Body note: Jasmine, Rose
Base note: Musk, Powdery, Sweet

Golden Musk is a fragrance that combines sweet floral freshness with a powdery touch. Fresh citrusy notes create a radiant opening, while the essence of rose adds a touch of timeless grace. The floral heart blends jasmine and rose into an exquisite bouquet, exuding sophistication. Musk emerges in the base of the fragrance, complemented by powdery accords and a lingering hint of sweetness. Golden Musk captures floral elegance with a powdery allure, inviting you to experience its captivating charm and timeless beauty.

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