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AL Qamar

Sheikh Al Oud (شیخ العود)

Sheikh Al Oud (شیخ العود)

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"Sheikh Al Ameer: A Regal Floral Journey with Ambery Warmth"

Top note: Aldehydic, Aromatic, Citrus
Body note: Floral, Honey, Rose
Base note: Amber, Woody

Sheikh Al Ameer is a regal fragrance that beautifully merges floral elegance with ambery warmth. It opens with Fresh notes complimented by aromatic accents and citrus undertones. The body of the fragrance blooms with roses and honey.At the end of it all, the ambery accords, enveloped by woody undertones, radiate regal presence and timeless allure. This luxurious fragrance embodies a world of sophistication, harmonizing floral beauty with the embrace of warm amber. Immerse yourself in the opulent journey of Sheikh Al Ameer—a scent truly worthy of nobility.

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