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AL Qamar

Royal Oud (عود ملكي)

Royal Oud (عود ملكي)

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"Royal Oudh: Majestic Floral Harmony with a Captivating Rose Signature"

Top note: Floral, Rose, Spicy
Body note: Rose, Woody
Base note: Ambergris, Musk

Royal Oudh is an exquisite fragrance inspired by Arabic perfumery. It begins with a rich floral bouquet enhanced by roses and a hint of spice. The body of fragrance is made up of rose and woody accords, achieving a balanced blend of delicate petals and earthy warmth. The base notes of ambergris and musk infuse sensuality and sophistication.This fragrance harmoniously blends floral and woody elements, creating an olfactory masterpiece that embodies grace and grandeur as the name suggests.

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