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AL Qamar

Blue Oud (عود الأزرق)

Blue Oud (عود الأزرق)

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"Blue Oud: A Floral Symphony with Mystical Oud"

Top note: Tomato leaf, Freesia, Rose
Body note: Sandal wood, Jasmine, Cedar
Base note: Leather, Agarwood (oud), Musk, Oakmoss, Amber

Blue Oud invites you on a scented journey, fusing floral elegance with the mystique of oud. Initially, invigorating tomato leaf and delicate freesia lead to a heart of blooming roses. The captivating essence of rose and jasmine unfolds, accompanied by warmth of sandalwood and cedar, creating a sophisticated harmony. In the base, enigmatic leather accords merge with agarwood, as musk, oakmoss, and amber linger, revealing an enticing soul. Blue Oud is an unforgettable experience where elegance and mysticism entwine.

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